Reverse Panel Tuck-in

The reverse panel tuck-in feature offers re-closable functionality at both ends of your packaging. Often used in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, it reduces the amount of gluing required.

Reverse Panel Tuck

Reverse Panel Tuck Open

Reverse Panel Tuck CLOSED

Reverse Panel Tuck Closed

  • Tuck lock closure at either end of the pack for two points of access
  • High quality, lithographic print, added value embellishment and finishing techniques
  • Camera controlled precision flat bed hot foil blocking and die cutting
  • Variety of market-tested boards, finishes, formats and sizes
  • Plain or printed, varnished, foiled, embossed/debossed
  • Choice of both tucks on one side (see Same Panel Tuck) or on alternate sides of the pack
  • Tuck locks provide robust closures to secure and protect your products within
  • Runs down automated lines, speeding up the packing process
Design for Sustainability
  • Elevate your carton from single use to multi use by adding re-closable tuck lock closures
  • No taping or gluing required once packed, saving cost and materials
  • FSC Certified materials available
  • 100% recyclable

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Carton Styles

Same Panel Tuck CLOSED
Crash & Tuck Locks
Reverse Panel Tuck CLOSED
Tucks & Closures
Turn Over End Hinged Lid CLOSED
Trays & Hinged Lids
Square Flap Skillet CLOSED
Display Outer