Sustainable carton packaging

Cartons can come in all shapes and sizes, which is perfect to accommodate the various product sizes and styles you may have. Options include conventional folding boxes to more intricate tapered designs or display casings.

You can benefit from our expertise as we work with you to create a design that will suit your product presentation.

Product Range


Sleeves and wraps are a versatile and cost-effective way to protect your product

Same Panel Tuck CLOSED
Crash & Tuck Locks

Locked bases can be assembled by hand and provide the most efficient form of packaging

Reverse Panel Tuck CLOSED
Tucks & Closures

Designed with friction locks to secure the products inside, these cartons are practical, cost effective and easy to assemble.

Turn Over End Hinged Lid CLOSED
Trays & Hinged Lids

Easily erected designs that protect products and provide rigidity increasing durability

Square Flap Skillet CLOSED

Typically used in the food industry and are sealed at each end with glue

6 Pack Render 4

Used to group products, typically glass bottles or cans into clusters

Display Outer

We can create a custom design that will suit your product needs and provide a twist on the conventional style

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Corrugated cardboard product tray on display in the packaging factory
McLaren Corrugate

Solidboard and corrugate packaging

Worker handling packaging divisions in the McLaren manufacturing base
Interlok Divisions

Solidboard division specialists

Ten different sized round and shaped presentation tubes on display in the McLaren factory
McLaren Tubes

Premium round and shaped tubes

Two people in a retail outlet looking at rigid packaging for luxury drinks
Blue Box Design

Luxury, bespoke rigid presentation boxes