Turn Over End Hinged Lid Tray

The turn over end hinged lid tray provides a sturdy one-piece box with locking flaps that secure the lid to the base without the need for taping or gluing.

Turn Over End Hinged Lid

Turn Over End Hinged Lid Tray Open

Turn Over End Hinged Lid CLOSED

Turn Over End Hinged Lid Tray Closed

  • Tray with added lid hinged at the back, creating a full one-piece box structure
  • Camera controlled precision flat bed hot foil blocking and die cutting
  • Variety of market-tested boards, finishes, formats and sizes
  • Plain or printed, varnished, foiled, embossed/debossed
  • High quality, lithographic print, added value embellishment and finishing techniques
  • Vast area available for high quality print branding
  • Locking flaps provide a secure closing mechanism
  • Overlap of box and lid sides creates increased layers of protection for your product
Design for Sustainability
  • Benefit from our CAD layout know-how to find the best format to generate minimum waste
  • No taping or gluing required once packed, saving cost and materials
  • FSC Certified materials available
  • 100% recyclable

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