Six Corner Glued Tray with Lid

The overlap of lid and base in the six corner glued tray with lid provides a premium, robust structure for an excellent balance of product protection and presentation.

6 Corner Tray

Six Corner Tray with Lid Open

6 Corner Tray CLOSED

Six Corner Tray with Lid Closed

  • Tray with added glued lid hinged at back edge
  • Camera controlled precision flat bed hot foil blocking and die cutting
  • Variety of market-tested boards, finishes, formats and sizes
  • High quality, lithographic print, added value embellishment and finishing techniques
  • Plain or printed, varnished, foiled, embossed/debossed
  • Maximum branding opportunity on outer of both tray and lid
  • Overlap of box and lid sides creates increased layers of protection for your product
  • Glued lid structure creates a premium feel and overall structural robustness
Design for Sustainability
  • One-piece box structure is a more efficient use of materials
  • Benefit from our CAD layout know-how to find the best format to generate minimum waste
  • FSC Certified materials available
  • 100% recyclable

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