Carry Handle

Great for multiple larger drinks bottles, this structure features a built in carry handle that is locked into place, allowing for safe consumer homeward transit of heavier or larger items.

Carry Handle

Carry Handle Open

Carry Handle CLOSED

Carry Handle Closed

  • Top flaps consist of two handles that meet in the middle and are held in place by two locking side flaps
  • High quality, lithographic print, added value embellishment and finishing techniques
  • Camera controlled precision flat bed hot foil blocking and die cutting
  • Variety of market-tested boards, finishes and sizes
  • Plain or printed, varnished, foiled, embossed/debossed
  • Choice of crash lock, tuck lock or glued base
  • Impactful branding opportunity all the way to the consumer's home
  • Integrated handle allows safe and comfortable transit of heavier or larger items
  • Premium, thoughtful design element
Design for Sustainability
  • An environmentally friendly alternative to plastic carriers or added plastic handles
  • FSC Certified materials available
  • 100% recyclable
  • Benefit from our CAD layout know-how to find the best format to generate minimum waste

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